Mission Statement

This site is to further the causes of youth voter registration and participation in the 18-24 year old population. While good inroads have been made so far with various organisations (mentioned on other pages) we think there’s a lot more to do!

We are currently seeking role models in the sporting, music and public arena to support and further champion the cause. If you know someone, please be in touch!




3 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m all for increasing the political and general democratic awareness with the youth population.

    With information so readily available, making head or tail of it is probably the singular problem young people face. Helping people understand the facts, and how important their vote and opinion is is definitely something worth taking seriously and investing time in. As a parent, and a person involved with the development of young people, this business and social acumen development is critical.


  2. As per my pinned post on Twitter…

    You might see 10 general elections in your lifetime, thats 10 times you could change the world if you vote.Register to vote & use it.

    Everyone should vote… it can affect your money, human rights, education & medical care… pretty much your whole life. By not doing so you are missing out on an personally empowering decision.

    We need a neutral campaign supported by celebrities, musicians, sportsmen & public figures who voters can engage with & may even listen to…. The use of technology to assist in engagement would also be useful.

    This is a now initiative & not something that should be put on the back burner until its too late.


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